Bubala’s by the Bay

This was definitely not the photo I was planning to post next (possibly not ever), but after hearing an NPR story this morning about a series of murder mysteries set in Provincetown, I had to do it.

If you haven’t been to Provincetown, listen to this NPR piece and you will feel like you’ve been there.  If you know the place, close your eyes and you’ll be transported.

I’ve got lots of pictures of the tide flats and sand dunes around P-town, but not so many in the town itself.  I usually don’t shoot street scenes, and I don’t usually shoot at night — when things are really hopping there.

Last year we went on a sunset whale watch (I’ll probably get around to posting some whale photos), which is why I had my camera with me when we landed at Bubala’s for dinner long after dark.  So I thought I might as well try some shots I wouldn’t usually take.

Bubala’s By the Bay, like Provincetown itself, works on several different levels.  It’s open all the way from breakfast through late night jazz.  The outdoor patio is definitely a place to see and be seen; the indoors is not exactly sedate but that’s where you’re more likely to see families with kids.  (And when you do, don’t get all hung up on trying to fit them into the one mom/one dad mold — it ain’t gonna happen.  This is P-town, after all.)



~ by Shelly F. Cohen on 30 July 2009.

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