On the waterfront

I took a walk yesterday at Smith Cove Park, which snugs up against the Magnolia Bridge. It’s a bit of an odd place for a park, near a marina on one side, a cruise ship terminal on another, and a stone’s throw from a light industrial area.  Seattle is full of parks in surprising locations.

It was a crisp fall day, with warm sunlight bouncing off the water and big puffy grey and white clouds making their way across a bright blue sky.  Oranges and reds are starting to give the green leaves a run for their money.

Sure, I could have taken a panorama shot that would have captured all those colors.  Certainly thousands of other people have.  Instead, what caught my eye were the piles of old ropes, fishing nets, cables, and who knows what else behind a locked chain-link fence.  Who knew fishing gear came in this many colors?



~ by Shelly F. Cohen on 4 October 2009.

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