A cure for arachnophobia

When the sun came out this afternoon, after a couple of insanely rainy days, it was time to get out and take advantage of the light.

A couple of giant spider webs right outside our door presented a challenge.  This web was built on a large rosebush growing in front of the porch.  Due to the topography, the “best”  (i.e., least bad) angle to photograph it was shooting through the rosebush and into the sun.  Not optimal at all.

The other problem is that spider webs are, of course, not that easy to see.  They are best visible in the early morning when they’re covered with dew.  By two in the afternoon, that’s no longer a possibility.  So I cheated a bit and used a spray bottle to add some droplets to the web.  I wasn’t sure how the spider would react to that, but it did probably the same thing it’s been doing for the past couple days: hunker down and wait for the “rain” to stop.  So, I still managed to get the picture.

Ordinarily you wouldn’t find me getting this close to something with eight legs.  But how can you pass up the way the light sets off those orange and white stripes?

spider web


~ by Shelly F. Cohen on 18 October 2009.

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