Here comes the sun…

OK, I promised some pictures from the Caribbean, so here goes.  This one is really just a warm-up (pun intended).

The island of Curacao, just off the coast of Venezuela, is part of the Netherlands Antilles (at least for the next year).  Like most of the Caribbean, Curacao’s major industry is tourism, so of course the whole island has a logo, where the final “o” is turned into a sunburst.

That motif shows up in various places.  Here, it was decorating a plaster pillar in an outdoor plaza.  It was still fairly early in the morning when I shot this, so the angle of the sun was low.  The shadows highlighted both the sunburst design and also the texture of the paintl

sunburst - Curacao


~ by Shelly F. Cohen on 25 October 2009.

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